M. K. Fain


Mary Kate Fain is a feminist journalist and freelance writer. She is the founder and Editor in Chief of 4W and the author of the upcoming book HERETIC.

A recovering engineer, M. K. also co-founded Spinster.xyz, a feminist social media platform. She volunteers with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign running their website, and is involved in a variety of other feminist initiatives.

M. K. is passionate about animal rights, and is an experienced animal rescuer with a focus on farmed animals and grassroots campaigning. She currently serves of the board of Species Revolution.

She loves plants and anything related to space travel.

Freelance Journalist

As a freelance journalist, M. K. has written for various publications such as Tenderly and Feminist Current, and her work for clients has been published in Reader’s Digest.

Recently, M. K. has been on the Politics beat for Caracal Reports, an independent news publication, where she writes about the latest news out of Washington.


In July of 2019, M. K. was fired from her job as a software engineer for writing a blog about feminism. That article hit a nerve, and has been viewed by over 43,000 people since.

This experience demonstrated the overwhelming need for quality journalism that analyzes our changing culture through a modern, radical feminist lens—and 4W was born. 4W is now the premier website in the United States for woman-centered content on gender identity, sexuality, and culture, and is the only radical feminist publication that pays contributing writers.


M. K. co-founded Spinster with her partner, Alex, to help solve the problem of centralized social media silencing and censoring women. Spinster is now the largest feminist instance on the Fediverse, and one of the top twenty most active instances. Learn more about Spinster in this Feminist Current podcast. Spinster has also been reported on in The Washington Post, Reclaim the Net, and Vox.

Past Work

M. K. has worked with a variety of non-profits, mostly in communications and event planning.

After teaching herself to code, M. K. worked as a freelance software engineer with Candlewaster, and later as a software engineer at Promptworks, Philadelphia. You can see some past projects here, or stalk her on gitlab and github. M. K. is also passionate about free software and can be found advocating for ethical software solutions at various forums (watch her talk from Libre Planet 2019).

From 2016-18, M. K. founded and ran Liberation Philadelphia, a grassroots animal rights organization. You can view news clippings related to that activism here, or listen to this podcast to learn more.


You can support my work by becoming a monthly donor on Patreon, or by sharing 4W with all your friends. You can also find me on Twitter, for now, @mkay_fain.