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How Podcasts Helped Me Get Over Hating The Sound of My Voice

Women’s voices are always perceived as ‘wrong’, but listening to them more can help.

Nov. 18, 2019, 1:12 p.m.

For years I hated the sound of my own voice. Like many people, hearing my voice played back to me on video or audio recording made me cringe, shrivel up, and want to shrink and ...


About M. K.

Mary Kate Fain (M. K.) is a writer with a background in grassroots activism, focusing on animal liberation, feminism, and software freedom.

Along with her partner Alex, she co-founded in 2019, a women-centered social media platform that is currently the largest feminist instance in the Fediverse, and top 50 instances globally.

She is currently writing a book on radical feminism, is the maintainer of the Women's Declaration website, and serves on the board of Species Revolution. Follow her on Medium, where she is a Top Writer on Feminism, Relationships, and Book.