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Spinster is in its infancy, but is already making waves in the Fediverse

Sept. 13, 2019, 12:39 p.m.

On August 12th, Spinster, a women-first social media platform, burst into the Fediverse. In its first month, Spinster faced misogynistic attacks from both the left and the right, repeated attempts to de-platform us (including removal ...


About M. K.

Mary Kate Fain (M. K.) is a writer with a background in grassroots activism, focusing on animal liberation, feminism, and software freedom.

Along with her partner Alex, she co-founded in 2019, a women-centered social media platform that is currently the largest feminist instance in the Fediverse, and top 50 instances globally.

M. K. currently serves on the board of Species Revolution, and is an experienced speaker on a diverse range of topics related to creating effective social justice movements.

She is currently writing a book on radical feminism, and is the maintainer of the Women's Declaration website. Follow her on Medium.