M. K. is a full-stack engineer with 4+ years at agencies and startups. She has a focus in feature-rich web front ends, and is proficient with JS frameworks like React and Vue and Python frameworks like Flask and Django.

Download full Software Engineering Resume here.


In 2019, M. K. co-founded Spinster with her partner Alex Gleason to help solve the problem of centralized social media silencing and censoring women.

Spinster is now the largest feminist instance on the Fediverse and has spun off multiple sister sites. The site has been reported on in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Reclaim the Net, and Vox. Learn more about Spinster in this Feminist Current podcast.

M. K. has contributed to Soapbox FE, the front end Spinster runs on; Pleroma, Spinster's backend, and Pleroma's Admin FE, and created JoinTheFedi.com.



Ovarit is a feminist alternative to Reddit. The site was created by the radical feminist community after Reddit banned multiple feminist subreddits, including r/GenderCritical.

As part of the Ovarit Tech Team, M. K. helped launch the site, specifically focusing on building robust moderation tools. The site runs on open source software, Throat.


Other Projects

You can find my other open source contributions on Gitlab and Github.

Free Software Activism

M. K. is also a regular contributor to other various feminist tech projects, as well as to the open source community. She is a passionate advocate of free software. Read her contribution to the Spring 2019 Free Software Bulletin here.

Watch: 2019 Talk at Libre Planet