Writer and Speaker

In 2018 M. K. became the editor of the WOMEN'S WAY blog, discussing philanthrophy and women's rights in the Philadelphia region. She is currently writing a book on modern radical feminism for young women, and her work can additionally be found on her personal blog.

M. K. is available for speaking and freelance writing engagements on issues related to radical feminism, animal rights, technology, or any combination of the above. Email: mk@marykatefain.com to discuss rates.

Libre Planet 2019

March 23 - 24th, 2019

Greater Boston Area

Sparking Change: what Free Software can Learn from Successful Social Movements

While proprietary software remains one of the biggest threats to personal liberty, democracy, and a free future one simple reality remains: no one takes us seriously. What can free software advocates learn from the successful social movements and revolutions of the past, and how can we apply this to a technological revolution? Hear from an experienced grassroots organizer and software developer on what it takes to mobilize communities and generate a social crisis that can no longer be ignored, based on principles of Kingian non-violence. No technical knowledge required!

Libre Planet Presentation

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Past speaking engagements:

Freedom-Respecting Javascript: What, Why, and How?
Philly JS Meetup, February 2018
Philly JS Presentation.odp

Confrontation and Investigations Panel
National Animal Rights Conference, July 2018
Confrontation and Investigations slides
Confrontation and Investigations notes

Closing Address
Philadelphia Day for Animals, June 2018

The Liberation Pledge: Cult Tactic or Effective Tool For Change
Cleveland Animal Rights Conference, May 2018

Consent and Survivor Support
Animal Liberation Conference, May 2017
Consent and Survivor Support Slides

Opening Address
Take Back the Night - Pottstown, April 2015