M. K. currently works as an expert communications consultant with a focus on nonprofits, law, and technology. She is the former Director of Communications for the Women's Liberation Front, the largest radical feminist organization in the US.

Aa contract communications consultant, M. K. focuses on providing communications and media strategy as well as the development of content for law firms focusing on impact litigation. Her work includes national news media appearances, work on SCOTUS amici briefs, and coordinating state-by-state lobbying efforts with a team of legal experts, advocates, and state lawmakers.

Her other communications work includes:

  • Overseeing big-picture marketing and communications strategy
  • Managing press releases, inquiries, interviews, and other efforts to improve/grow our media impact
  • Developing relationships with press contacts and responding to press inquiries
  • Creating a communications plan around key events like lawsuits and actions
  • Drafting testimony and other political advocacy materials
  • Developing social media strategy and policy, and scheduling content to accounts
  • Writing blogs and content for website, including the creation of new sections/pages and inputting content created by others
  • Writing email/newsletter content
  • Creating content for action campaigns including nearly all petitions and target actions

View Sample Content

Detransitioner Sues Counselors Who Approved Double Mastectomy — Jackson Bone, LLP
Camille Kiefel alleges licensed professionals engaged in malpractice and fraud by recommending “non-binary” affirmation surgery

CONFIRMED: Male Rapists Housed in Women’s Prisons in Washington — Women’s Liberation Front
The judge’s ruling in the ACLU’s favor confirms earlier reporting on “trans” rapists, attempts to suppress records

WoLF Welcomes Dr. Mahri Irvine as New Executive Director — Women’s Liberation Front
“I am honored to be entrusted with the opportunity to lead WoLF at this pivotal moment.”

Steven Crowder Censored on Youtube: Women’s Liberation Front Responds — Women’s Liberation Front
“Crowder’s video was a satirical take on a very real crisis facing the most powerless women in our society. By censoring this content, Youtube has made clear that it considers ‘offensive’ material a greater threat to public safety than the actual violence against California’s incarcerated women

WoLF Issues Demand Letter to Halt Transfers of Men to Women’s Prisons in California — Women’s Liberation Front
The letter outlines multiple Federal and State Constitutional violations, as well as violations of PREA, that have resulted from the passage and implementation of SB 132.

WoLF Commends The University of Wisconsin Law School for Upholding First Amendment Protections — Women’s Liberation Front
As an organization dedicated to defending civil rights, the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) commends The University of Wisconsin Law School (UW Law) in its decision to uphold the First Amendment by refusing to discriminate against organizations with diverse viewpoints.