Holiday Gift Guide for the Philly Feminist

Originally Published for WOMEN'S WAY

Feb. 10, 2019, 6:14 p.m.

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Tis the season of giving — which means struggling all month to figure out what to get for your friends and family. For those of us who care about what causes and systems our dollars are supporting, the holidays can feel like a minefield.

So we’ve done you a huge favor and put together a list of fun, beautiful, and truly feminist gifts for everyone on your list. These gifts will tackle structural inequality beyond just a catchy slogan on a T-shirt (okay, maybe one T-shirt!), with a focus on local, sustainable, women-owned businesses.

Get into giving with these 10 awesome ideas by and for Philly feminists, activists, and organizations you’ll love to support.

1. Girls Gone Happy card decks

Girls Gone Happy Card Decks

Local, woman-owned


These magical little card decks, developed by Philly local Justine Haemmerli, aim to help women through the tough times in life. Whether they’re dealing with the challenges of loss, motherhood, money, or could just use a little clarity, there’s something here for every woman on your list.

2. Tickets to Dionysus was such a nice man at Wilma Theater

Local, female playwright, non-material

$10 — $53

This play, written by Kate Tarker, uses humor and absurdism to tackle some of today’s toughest issues such as sexual assault and injustice, and how these harms are concealed and excused by society. A perfect gift for those who value experiences and memories over material items. The play is open from April 23 to May 12, 2019.

3. ”Shrill”, by Lindy West

Shrill, Lindy West

Female author

$9.99 (kindle) — $26.00 (hardcover)

Winner of the 2017 WOMEN’S WAY Book Prize, this memoir from an accidental activist details her journey from childhood as a self-proclaimed “loud woman”. For the book lovers on your shopping list, be sure to check out all of our annual book prize winners for more ideas. Keep an eye out for this year’s winner, to be announced!

4. Luxury Clothes by Lobo Mau

Lobo Mau

Local, woman-owned, sustainably sourced

$99 — $400

Owned by local Brazilian-American brother/sister duo Nicole and Jordan Haddad, this line of luxury “athleisure wear” for both men and women focuses on high-quality, sustainable and ethically sourced materials, and is entirely manufactured in Philly. Perfect for the woke fashionista on your shopping list who’s tired of fast fashion. Bonus points: Lobo Mau is a WOMEN’S WAY supporter!

5. Gift Card to Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse


Local, WOC-owned

$ Any Amount

Owned and operated by local Ariell Johnson in Kensington, Amalgam is the first coffee shop of its kind, and the first black-owned comic book store on the East Coast. Their entire catalog is available for purchase online, but we highly recommend you stop into this one-of-a-kind shop (2578 Frankford Ave) to say hi! A gift card to Amalgam is exactly what all the geeks on your shopping list didn’t know they wanted. Checkout ibuyblack.org/ to find more local black-owned businesses.

6. KenCrest Kandles

Local, proceeds support people with disabilities

$ 14.00

KenCrest provides jobs, nurturing and support, and valuable life experiences to adults living with disabilities in the Greater Philadelphia Area, and every candle helps provide income and stability for them. The 100% soy candles are cruelty-free, and come in 10 amazing scents. Bonus: check out the hand-made art by KenCrest patients which is also available for sale!

7. Free to Be Kids positive Tees


Woman-owned, ethically sourced

$ 18.95

These patriarchy-smashing tees for children and pre-teens come with positive messages that are out to counteract toxic masculinity, princess-culture, and other harmful gender norms to which kids are exposed. Grab one of these for all the kids on your list, or check out the adorable feminist baby onesies for new parents!

8. “Why would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?” photobook

Rescue Chicken

Female author, 50% proceeds to animal rescue

$ 19.99

This book of beautiful photos by Janet Holmes is perfect for the animal-loving or artsy feminist on your shopping list. The photobook tells the story of rescued hens and the women who are doing the under-appreciated work of caring for them. Drawing the connection between women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy for all, this book makes the perfect addition to any coffee table.

9. Membership to Young Women’s Initiative

Local, non-material, benefits WOMEN’S WAY

$25/year (students) — $50/year

A membership to the WOMEN’S WAY Young Women Initiative provides year-round access to networking, educational, volunteering, and social events. The perfect gift for local transplants, career starters, college students, or any young individual that identifies as a woman, looking to connect with progressive peers in the Philadelphia Area. Bonus: Proceeds from YWI go to support the WOMEN’S WAY Immediate Response Action Fund!

10. Classes at Vitality Meditation


Local, non-material, WOC-owned

$13 (one class) — $99 (10 classes)

This Fishtown boutique meditation studio was founded by Mount Airy sisters Jasmine and Anastasia Bailey, with the goal of creating a safe and serene space to help people “step into their power”. They offer 14 classes, including a class for new mothers and their babies. This is a great gift for the mindful individual who values holistic wellbeing.

BONUS: Make a Donation to support Women in Their Name


Local, non-material

$ Any Amount

Each of these WOMEN’S WAY partners does amazing work in the Greater Philadelphia Area around important issues that impact women:

Women Against Abuse

Women Organized Against Rape

Women’s Law Project

Or donate directly to WOMEN’S WAY to support all of these organizations, plus many more, for the entire year!