Biological Woman's Hour - M K Fain

I joined Kellie-Jay Kean (Posie Parker) to discuss internet censorship, Biden's Executive Orders, and how my past informs my feminism today.

"Blocked and Reported" Podcast Talks that Atlantic Article

Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal talked about our favorite Atlantic article on the latest Blocked and Reported episode! It’s patreon-only but, in my (very biased) opinion, I think it’s worth subscribing if you don’t already: https://www.

MK Fain responds to The Atlantic

I joined Sasha White on the Plebity podcast again this week to give my response to The Atlantic. We went line by line through the whole article, and caught some errors I hadn't even noticed before. Give it a listen

Canceled Women: A conversation with M. K. Fain

I spoke with Sasha White about something we have in common: being fired for our public feminist stance. Give it a listen! Canceled Women, a conversation with M.K. Fain – PlebityPlebity