M. K. is a passionate advocate for women and non-human animals.

From 2016-18, M. K. founded and ran Liberation Philadelphia, a grassroots animal rights organization. Listen to this podcast to learn more about taking direct action for animals. She currently serves of the board of Species Revolution.

M. K. has worked with numerous women's rights organizations including the YWCA, Take Back the Night, Tompkins County Advocacy Center, the Women's Human Rights Campaign, and the Women's Liberation Front (WoLF). She is especially passionate about protecting women's free and full participation online.

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Canceled Women: a conversation with M.K. Fain - Plebity
Mary Kate (M. K.) is a feminist writer, activist, and engineer. She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of 4W and the Co-founder of Spinster.xyz. M.K. joined me to compare our experiences of being fired after expressing our gender critical views. We also discussed censorship, radical feminism versus …